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The power behind you since 1929.

Whether you’re keeping your family safe or powering your next home improvement project, count on Woods® to meet your needs! For more than 75 years, Woods® has been a leading developer of electrical products for consumers and professionals. From surge protectors to heavy-duty extension cords, Woods has you covered!

Extension Cords

Woods® carries a wide array of extension cords and extension cord accessories for contractors and homeowners alike!


Our outdoor cord brands, like Yellow Jacket® and Yard Master™, are perfect for tougher jobs, while Woods® Indoor Cords, like fabric cords and Slimline®, are great for powering your indoor electronics.

Exceptional Quality

The Woods® cord organization line offers options for keeping bulky extension cords, ropes, and holiday lighting tangle-free. While our cord adapter line offers a safe way to convert an electric range for gas use.

Surge & Multi-Outlet

Woods® Power Strips


Woods® Power Strips feature cord lengths and configurations to fit your needs! Woods Surge Protectors provide many levels of protection with additional features like USB and connectivity. Our Wall Taps feature ergonomic design with an easy-pull design and charging cradle.

From simple adapters and USB integrated items to surge protectors and heavy-duty workshop-grade products, Woods has you covered!

Yellow Jacket

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Yard Master™

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Woods® PRO

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Hand Tools

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