Woods® Standard Outdoor Extenion Cords

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Woods® outdoor standard extension cords are perfect for a variety of outdoor applications.

  • Common Applications: Electric Push Mower, Hedge Trimmer, Electric Drill
  • Temperature rating of -40°F to 167°F (-40°C to 75°C)
  • SJTW Jacket
  • 125 Voltage Rating

720*07869300720016/2SJTW8'2.4 m0.57 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
2204880302989202204416/2SJTW10'3 m0.71 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
722*07869300722416/2SJTW25'7.6 m1.59 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
538444*06296438444216/2SJTW30'9.1 m2.09 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
723*07869300723116/2SJTW50'15.2 m3.02 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
724*07869300724816/2SJTW100'30.5 m5.9 lbs.Orange10Limited Lifetime
9940010*07869340010016/2SJTW120'36.6 m7.1 lbs.Lime Green10Limited Lifetime
26507869300265616/3SJTW8'2.4 m0.62 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
26607869300266316/3SJTW15'4.6 m1.08 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
26707869300267016/3SJTW25'7.6 m1.8 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
547860*06296447860816/3SJTW25'7.6 m2.18 lbs.Lime Green13Limited Lifetime
541522*06296441522116/3SJTW30'9.1 m 2.49 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
26807869300268716/3SJTW50'15.2 m3.14 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
542107*06296442107916/3SJTW50'15.2 m3.22 lbs.Yellow13Limited Lifetime
44211102*06296442111616/3SJTW80'24.4 m5.43 lbs.Yellow10Limited Lifetime
26907869300269416/3SJTW100'30.5 m6.79 lbs.Orange10Limited Lifetime
541564*06296441564116/3SJTW100'30.5 m6.6 lbs.Orange10Limited Lifetime
62507869300625814/3SJTW25'7.6 m2.56 lbs.Orange15Limited Lifetime
54157006296441570214/3SJTW30'9.1 m 3.28 lbs.Red15Limited Lifetime
62607869300626514/3SJTW50'15.2 m4.3 lbs.Orange15Limited Lifetime
62707869300627214/3SJTW100'30.5 m9.4 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
52807869300528214/3SJTW25'7.6 m3.33 lbs.Orange15Limited Lifetime
52907869300529914/3SJTW50'15.2 m6.47 lbs.Orange15Limited Lifetime
53007869300530514/3SJTW100'30.5 m12.65 lbs.Orange15Limited Lifetime

2 reviews for Woods® Standard Outdoor Extenion Cords

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