Woods® Standard 3-Outlet Indoor Extension Cords

Woods® standard 3-outlet indoor extension cords come with three standard outlets, making them perfect for a variety of indoor applications.

  • Ideal for use in your office, living room, bedroom or any other space in your home
  • Common Applications: Lamp, Fan, Indoor Holiday Lighting
  • 3 Polarized Outlets
  • Temperature rating of -4°F to 167°F (-20°C to 75°C).
  • SJTW Jacket
  • 125 Volts

4003880302989204006216/3SJTW3'0.9 m0.87 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
286407869302864916/3SJTW9'2.7 m0.95 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
540650*06296440650216/3SJTW10'3 m0.87 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
545454*06296445454116/3SJTW15'4.6 m1.25 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
545502*06296445502916/3SJTW30'9.1 m2.27 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
545528*06296445528916/3SJTW50'15.2 m3.25 lbs.Orange13Limited Lifetime
87207869300872616/3SJTW9'2.7 m1.01 lbs.Orange15Limited Lifetime
545609*06296445609516/3SJTW30'9.1 m3.06 lbsRed15Limited Lifetime