Woods® Push-Lock Extension Cords w/ Black Plug

Woods® push-lock extension cords keep your tools plugged in while doing common yard work. No more losing power in the middle of a job!

  • Common Applications: Electric Push Mower, Leaf Blower, Hedge Trimmer
  • Locking plug
  • Temperature rating of -40°F to 167°F (-40°C to 75°C).
  • SJTW Jacket
  • 125 Voltage Rating
  • UL/cUL Listed

5432700106296443270916/2SJTW50'15.2 m3.35 lbs.Lime Green13Limited Lifetime
5432720106296443272316/2SJTW100'30.5 m6.15 lbs.Lime Green10Limited Lifetime
5415790206296441579514/3SJTW30'9.1 m3.33 lbs.Red15Limited Lifetime
5415830206296441583212/3SJTW50'15.2 m6.2 lbs.Yellow15Limited Lifetime
5415850206296441585612/3SJTW100'30.5 m14.2 lbs.Yellow15Limited Lifetime