Small Appliance Replacement Cords

Woods® major appliance cords provide power options for a variety of specific indoor appliances.

  • Ideal for use in your office
  • Common Applications: Air Conditioner, Space Heater, Refrigerator
  • Temperature rating of -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • 125 Volts
  • UL/CUL Listed

29307869300293918/2HPN2'0.6 m0.15 lbs.Black10Limited Lifetime
9303880802989209303718/2HPN3'0.9 m0.19 lbs.Black10Limited Lifetime
29407869300294618/2HPN6'1.8 m0.29 lbs.Black10Limited Lifetime
9307880102989209307518/2SPT-26'1.8 m0.23 lbs.White7Limited Lifetime
29107869300291518/2HPN6'1.8 m0.3 lbs.Black10Limited Lifetime
2957869300295318/2SPT-26'1.8 m0.2 lbs.Brown6Limited Lifetime
29007869300290816/2HPN6'1.8 m0.4 lbs.Black15Limited Lifetime
28807869300288516/2HPN7'2.1 m0.3 lbs.Black15Limited Lifetime