Outdoor 24hr Photocell Timer and Remote, 3 Grounded Outlets
TM-069R & TR-009N

(3 customer reviews)


Outdoor 24hr Photocell Timer and Remote with 3 Grounded Outlets

  • Great for outdoor lights and décor, adds convenience and allows you to control plugged-in devices from your home or car
  • Turns plugged-in devices ON at dusk and OFF after 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, or OFF at dawn
  • 3 Grounded Outlets, Remote works up to 80ft away
  • CFL, LED, incandescent compatible
  • 125Vac 60Hz, 8A / 1000W Tungsten, 10A / 1250W General/Resistive, 500VA Electronic Ballast, 8.3A Ballast, 1/2Hp, 12V A23 Battery

TM-069R59746WD0786935974665.5"6"1.75"0.27 lbs.6"1 Year Limited

    TR-009N59746WD0786935974662.5"1.5"0.75"N/AN/A1 Year Limited


    3 reviews for Outdoor 24hr Photocell Timer and Remote, 3 Grounded Outlets
    TM-069R & TR-009N

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