Household 3-Outlet Extension Cords

Woods® indoor extension cords come in a variety of slimline shapes and lengths to make powering your home easier.  Slimline® extension cords have thin male plugs that are perfect space-saving solutions to power your indoor electronics.

  • Ideal for use in your office, living room, bedroom or any other space in your home
  • Suitable for clocks, lamps, lighting, and other indoor uses
  • Ergonomic, flat plug lays flush against the wall allowing you to still push furniture up against the wall
  • Space saving, flat design eliminates bulky awkward cords from cluttering your indoor decor and minimizes tripping
  • Right angled plug will not block the other outlets, allowing you to still use them
  • Easy to grip notches on each side makes flat plug easy to remove from wall
  • Temperature rating of -4°F to 167°F (-20°C to 75°C).
  • SPT-2 Jacket
  • 125 Volts
  • UL/CUL Listed

223507869302235716/2SPT-23'0.9 m0.29 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
223607869302236416/2SPT-27'2.1 m0.45 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
223907869302239516/2SPT-27'2.1 m0.45 lbs.Beige13Limited Lifetime
9407890702989209407216/2SPT-27'2.1 m0.45 lbs.Brown13Limited Lifetime
54780506296447805916/2SPT-27'2.1 m0.45 lbs.Black13Limited Lifetime
9409890702989209409616/2SPT-211'3.4 m0.51 lbs.Brown13Limited Lifetime
223707869302237116/2SPT-213'4 m0.64 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
224007869302240116/2SPT-213'4 m0.64 lbs.Beige13Limited Lifetime
54780606296447806616/2SPT-213'4 m0.62 lbs.Black13Limited Lifetime
3517880102989203517416/3SPT-26'1.8 m0.52 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
224107869302241816/3SPT-28'2.4 m0.63 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
225407869302254816/3SPT-28'2.4 m0.6 lbs.Beige13Limited Lifetime
224307869302243216/3SPT-28'2.4 m0.59 lbs.Black13Limited Lifetime
223206296442652416/3SPT-213'4 m0.83 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
225507869302255516/3SPT-213'4 m0.78 lbs.Beige13Limited Lifetime