Fabric Cords

Slimline® fabric cords are designed to replace traditional cube taps with stylish colors, so you no longer need to hide them. The Woods® Décor series fabric extension cord is the perfect replacement to the traditional cube tap!

  • Ideal for use in your office, living room, bedroom or any other space in your home
  • Common Applications: Lamp, Fan, Home controls
  • With this stylish design there will be no more trying to hide extension cords, these are the perfect way to provide energy to your home in style
  • Trendy color options designed to match with popular interior paint colors
  • 3 Polarized outlets allow you to conveniently power multiple indoor lamps or appliances at once
  • Ergonomic, flat, 2 prong plug allows you to save space by still being able to push furniture up against the wall without the cord getting in the way
  • Temperature rating of -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C).
  • 125 Voltage Rating

6459800103288699339816/2Premium SPT-28'2.4 m0.41 lbs.Black13Limited Life
6459810103288699340416/2Premium SPT-28'2.4 m0.41 lbs.Light Gray13Limited Life
6459820103288699341116/2Premium SPT-28'2.4 m0.41 lbs.Light Blue13Limited Life
6459830103288699342816/2Premium SPT-28'2.4 m0.41 lbs.Beige13Limited Life
6460070103288699343516/2Premium SPT-28'2.4 m0.41 lbs.Red13Limited Life
6460080103288699344216/2Premium SPT-28'2.4 m0.41 lbs.Green13Limited Life