3pk Indoor Wireless Remote
RC-019 & TR-011N


3 pack of Indoor Wireless Remote Controlled Timers. Each timer features 1 Grounded Outlet.

  • Great for operating indoor lighting and appliances from across the room to add convenience
  • Operate 3 receivers individually up to 100ft away
  • 1 Grounded Outlet per Receiver
  • CFL, LED, incandescent compatible
  • 125Vac 60Hz, 8A / 1000W Tungsten, 13A / 1625W General/Resistive, 500VA Electronic Ballast, 8.3A Ballast, 1/3Hp, 12V A23 battery included

RC-01913569WD0786931356993.75"2.25"1.5"0.37 lbs.1 Year Limited

TR-011N13569WD0786931356994.25"1.625"0.75"N/A1 Year Limited