3-Outlet Extension Cords

Woods® indoor extension cords bring power where you need it.

  • Ideal for use in your office, living room, bedroom or any other space in your home
  • Common Applications: Lamp, Fan, Indoor Holiday Lighting
  • 3 Polarized Outlets
  • Temperature rating of -4°F to 167°F (-20°C to 75°C).
  • SPT-2 or HPN Jacket
  • 125 Volts

6007869300600516/2SPT-26’1.8 m0.37 lbs.Brown13Limited Lifetime
600W09052961847316/2SPT-26’1.8 m0.37 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
64776006296447760116/2SPT-26’1.8 m0.37 lbs.Black13Limited Lifetime
29207869300292216/2HPN6’1.8 m0.36 lbs.Black15Limited Lifetime
60107869300601216/2SPT-292.7 m0.4 lbs.Brown13Limited Lifetime
601W7869301601116/2SPT-292.7 m0.4 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
60207869300602916/2SPT-212'3.7 m0.53 lbs.Brown13Limited Lifetime
602W7869301602816/2SPT-212'3.7 m0.53 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
64776106296447761816/2SPT-215’4.6 m0.67 lbs.Black13Limited Lifetime
6037869300603616/2SPT-215’4.6 m0.67 lbs.Brown13Limited Lifetime
603W7869301603516/2SPT-215’4.6 m0.67 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
359W*07869301359116/2SPT-215’4.6 m0.72 lbs.White10Limited Lifetime
54780806296447808016/2SPT-215’4.6 m0.56 lbs.Clear13Limited Lifetime
9405890702989209405816/2SPT-220'6.1 m0.77 lbs.Brown13Limited Lifetime
9415890102989209415716/2SPT-220'6.1 m0.78 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
60807869300608116/3SPT-28'2.4 m0.72 lbs.Brown13Limited Lifetime
60907869300609816/3SPT-28'2.4 m0.72 lbs.White13Limited Lifetime
261107869302611916/3SPT-28'2.4 m0.57 lbs.Black13Limited Lifetime


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