250 Watt Halogen Portable Work Light

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The Woods® 250 watt halogen portable work light is convenient and light weight for portability use in any lighting situations. This work light features a handle for easy carry, included halogen bulb, cage, adjustable s-stand.

  • Comes complete with a 250 watt halogen bulb.
  • Handle for easy carry.
  • Grill cage to protect lenses from damage.
  • Features easy adjustable knob.
  • Sturdy S stand.
  • 1 year warranty.

L860090529605114250 Watt Halogen Portable Work Light7.25"6.75"5.5"One Year Mfr's Limited Warranty5.5 in.7.25 in.6.75 in.12Box

6 reviews for 250 Watt Halogen Portable Work Light

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